Visit Singapore on 5 days budget

Singapore is an amazingly clean, vibrant, and beautiful cosmopolitan unlike other cities of Southeast Asia.

But that comes at a price!

Singapore is more expensive when compared to Southeast Asia’s standards and you must research well to choose your accommodation as it contributes to a major cost factor.

Singapore is a global financial hub and an island city state to the south of Malaysia with multicultural population and a tropical climate. Singapore is a ‘Fine city’ as it is very particular about littering, spitting and other such behaviours, keep that in mind while you’re visiting.

There is a lot to explore on this island city and you can experience a mix of cultures. Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Temples, Arab Street, Little India are some of the attractions you can’t miss on your trip.

To save you some trouble and your hard earned money, here is an itinerary that you can follow to make your trip to Singapore cheap but make it more exciting in every way.


Day 1:  You can keep the itinerary for day one a little relaxed after your long flight and thus the best you can do is to go and explore the museums and know about the History of Singapore this way you can create a bond with the place which will help you enjoy the rest of the trip in a more informed manner.

You can start your day with an early breakfast at your hotel or try out delicious pastries at the Ah Teng’s Bakery at the Raffles Hotel, while you’re at it you can also visit Raffles Hotel Museum to experience its rich history and new outlet in the modern age.

Our next destination is Singapore Art Museum which is just a 10 minute walk and a few blocks from Hotel Museum. Singapore Art Museum has the largest collection of modern Southeast Asia Artwork and it started in the year 1996.

Next in line is National Museum Singapore which is the oldest and largest museum and keeps with it 11 National Treasures. Its building is a combination of Classical and metal glass which consist old and new structures.

With all the walking and touring, you must have developed your appetite by now. So now you can enjoy your lunch at some of the close by restaurant like Loaves Me, Food for Thought, Kopitiam or Chef Chan’s in the National Museum itself

The Asian Civilization Museum is about 1.5 miles from the National museum and about 5 minutes from the Raffles Place MRT station. Here you will find 11 galleries showcasing the history of Asia, and it displays coins, jewellery and artistic calligraphy.

The museums close early in the evening about 7:00 pm, so you better check on timings and make sure you’re on schedule before you visit. So your first day ends here and you can go back to hotel take a shower and have your dinner to get early in bed to get ready for the next day which will start early OR you can reach your hotel and step out to explore nearby places.

Day2: The entire day 2 is booked for Sentosa Island, Sentosa means peace and tranquillity and the place has so many things to explore that 3 days are less for Sentosa itself, but as we need to cover all the major attractions of Singapore, so we should cover the best of Sentosa.

Tanjong beach on Sentosa is one of the finest places to relax on Sentosa Island, whereas Silosa Beach is for sport lovers where beach volleyball can be enjoyed other beaches to explore are Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach which is known for the real peace and tranquillity in Sentosa.

You can have your lunch in one of many restaurants in Sentosa. Other Major attractions that you should not miss are:-

•    Dolphin Show
•    Sentosa Underwater World Touch Pool
•    The Sky ride
•    Suspension bridge and viewing tower
•    Wings of time etc.

Most probably your day will be over by early evening about 7:00 pm, and I am sure you will be tired after a long day and will prefer a ride back to hotel followed by dinner and some sleep.

Day3: Marina bay is another experience which you should never miss while on a trip to Singapore

The best attractions at the Marina Bay are:-

•    Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
•    Marina Bay Sands Casino
•    Gardens by the Bay
•    Merlion
•    Singapore Flyer – world’s largest observation wheel
•    Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands


Day 4: Book this day for a date with nature and wildlife, you can explore the Botanical Gardens, before entering into the Singapore Zoo, followed by a Night Safari.

Explore Chinese garden also, known as Jurong Gardens, where you see the 7 storey Pagoda and arch bridge and also look for the 100 year old pomegranate tree.

You can also visit the nearby Lurong Bird Park which is among the most impressive park of the world.

Other attractions for the day 4 includes

•    Singapore Science Centre
•    River Safari
•    Night Safari (Don’t miss the Thumbukar Performance at Entrance Plaza)

The Final Day: The final day must be kept for shopping, SPA, Massage, leisure activities and the most tiresome activity, packing.

You can decide a day in advance for your final day, and the list of things that you want to purchase. Last day for shopping is always good on holidays as you can account the exact amount you have left for shopping.

Orchard Road is on the best place to shop as it has many stores and from there you can head to China town and Little India for cultural experience.
For general and goods of common use you can always bank upon Mustafa Centre – like a shopping mall.

Electronic goods and gadgets may be cheaper here but you must see the custom taxes as you fly back home.

Apart from that you can relax and rejuvenate yourself with a traditional Thai massage in Singapore, negotiate the prices beforehand and pamper yourself.

Don’t forget to buy a souvenir for your friends and loved ones specially the Merlion.



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